Back to Lessons – Updates

We will do our best to review, and recheck, your account when you re-register for lessons to ensure that:

  •       No charges were made to your account after 3/16/2020 when we made the decision to close for COVID-19.
  •       Make-Ups were added to your account for classes missed between 3/16/2020 and the last day of your cycle for which payment was collected.
  •       $5 REBOOKING fee will be waived only for lessons that were scheduled for 3/16/2020 and after but not those cancelled before 3/16/2020.
  •       Any make-up lessons scheduled for 3/16/2020 and after that were not completed are restored (within the 6 make-up class guidelines below).
  •       Adjustments to billing and make-up classes will be done at the time of re-enrollment and we will send each family a statement to review. Make-up lessons and dates will be visible on the parent portal.

While we try to create a clear and transparent list of policies, there are always unforeseen situations that may require adjustment or use of judgement.

It is very possible that we might make an error or miss something in our first pass of these reviews. Please let us know, by email, if there is something you would like us to double check and please understand that this is a huge undertaking and we will be doing our best.

No more than 6 (six) documented make-ups (per student), will be carried forward on accounts after reopening (June 1, 2020). Only make-ups for classes conducted after February 1st, 2020 will be available going forward. Students enrolled 2 x per week may carry 10 lessons forward.

To use make-up classes a student must be actively enrolled in a class and yearly registration paid if due. Make-up classes must be scheduled in addition to regular lessons each cycle and cannot be used in lieu of a regularly scheduled lesson. At least 1 lesson must be used per cycle to avoid expiration, but there is no limit on how many additional lessons may be scheduled. Example: $150 paid for 5 lessons, 6th lesson can be scheduled during the cycle. 1 hour lesson blocks may be scheduled in advance/at the time of registration.

Make-Up classes cannot be cancelled once scheduled or it will be forfeited. This is a firm policy.

No additional make-up classes will be added for missed classes until August 1st, 2020 and no family may have more than 5 make-up classes on file (maximum 8 for students taking class 2 x per week.)

Expiration dates will be reset to 2 months/60 days after reopening, with a one-month extension for each additional make-up as listed below. Students carrying additional lessons (2 per week) will have 2 lessons expire each month.

07/31/2020 – 1st make-up Expires/must be completed before this date

08/31/2020 – 2nd make-up Expires/must be completed before this date

09/30/2020 – 3rd make-up Expires/must be completed before this date

10/31/2020 – 4th make-up Expires/must be completed before this date

11/30/2020 – 5th make-up Expires/must be completed before this date

12/31/2020 – 6th make-up Expires/must be completed before this date

We will allow the following exchanges to make using your make-up lessons easier.  We are not able to offer an exact cash/value equivalent and are making these available for your convenience in using your lessons judiciously.

3 groups (Frog, Starfish, Seahorse) = 2 x 30 min (1 hour) Private

2 groups (Rubber Ducky, Lil Bobbers) = 1 x 30 min Private

2 Semi-Private (1 out of 2 participants) = 1 x 45 min Private*

*only available when scheduling permits a custom lesson length

4 Semi-Private (1 out of 2 participants) = 3 x 30 min (1.5 hour) Private

Program Changes

  •       Lesson blocks online are 35 minutes for our scheduling purposes.  The lesson/instructional portion is still the same 30 minutes; the additional time allows for transition and for instructors to update their records.
  •       Instructors will make every effort to start a lesson on-time.

o   Should a lesson start late, because of the instructor’s schedule, it will run 30 minutes after it begins (using the digital clock on deck.) The instructor or deck coach should communicate any delays before the lesson start time.

o   Should a family arrive late, the instructor will do his or her best to provide instruction for 30 minutes, but it is not guaranteed. The instructor can extend a lesson 5 minutes or to when the next lesson arrives. Please understand this impacts the instructor’s ability to take breaks/notes and can impact the lessons that follow.

o   Make-ups and extended time on future lessons will not be available for late arrivals or if students do not report to the deck coach. Parents should let the deck coach or the front desk know if their lesson start time passes and they do not see their instructor.

  •       To limit face-to-face interactions, outside of the chlorinated water, instructors will provide lesson feedback for private lessons via the parent portal. Please understand that you may not get the same amount of detail/communication or it may be slightly delayed.
  •       For the time being, instructors will be wearing face shields during in-water lessons.
  •       ALL STUDENTS are required to wear well-fitting/lesson appropriate goggles. Goggles can be purchased in the front office/pro-shop.
  •       STUDENTS with LONG HAIR must have it tied in a ponytail (or triple pony-tail 2 combined to 1) or wear a swim cap.


*we will no longer be able to loan swimmers caps and goggles*


  •       ALL STUDENTS are required to wear well-fitting/lesson appropriate suits. Suits that create excess drag (shorts/pockets or long skirts) or loose sleeves will not be permitted.  Ill-fitting suits have a dramatic negative impact on a student’s ability to float, rotate, breath, and glide. An appropriate, well-fitting suit, will greatly facilitate your student’s rate of skill acquisition. We are happy to assist with ordering appropriately sized suits, or ones designed with more modesty, in the front office if none are in stock.
  •       Vinyl Diaper Covers are required OVER normal swim diapers, and are available for sale in the front office.
  •       ADDITIONAL Changes to procedure may be viewed HERE which include NCHHS requirements for temperature checks, symptom checker, Parent spacing on deck, hand sanitization, etc.